Drinking diagnosed as addiction or Preference



Have you ever been invited out with your friends, whether it’s out to eat or the bar and thought I’m going as long as I get some liquor in my system. Yeah, that’s pretty much me it became apparent that I wanted alcohol apart of my regular night life routine or as an alcoholic would say round the clock. Now depending on the person you mention this too they would ask do I have an abusive history of drinking?? No, just a good old fashion want to feel the buzz, body tingling with sensation drinking. I Love drinking, as much as the next guy and I think not all miniature alcoholics should be put to shame cause they love having a shot or three.  Its times like these I wonder if those who abuse alcohol makes it hard on those who drink to enjoy themselves such as my self.

   Weird enough at times I get a little disappointed, when I can’t boast about my drinking abilities,seen as I don’t harm others (physically) including my self other than the fact it’s not always good for the body.  I guess as I got older I notice my aunts and mother enjoy drinking in a healthy way and it sparked my interests as well, not so much as monkey see monkey do, but a curiosity of what makes drinking enjoyable in so many words. Just like many things that are seen as negative there’s always a positive side to it, as well so don’t get so caught up in how others handle their alcohol drink responsibly. Who knows you may find that you have a hidden alcoholic serge in you too!


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